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Name:Jace Turner
Birthdate:Apr 1
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America

Jace Turner is the youngest of three boys and one girl born to the Turners, a US Army Surgeon who met his wife whilst stationed overseas in Germany. Despite initially living in Germany, when they decided to start a family after they married, they both wanted to raise them in the USA, so returned to American soil when pregnant with their first child, a daughter named Vanessa. Vanessa was ultimately the first of two of their children who followed in their father's medical footsteps and went to Med School, ultimately graduating with a specialty in Endocrinology. Their first son, Alex followed Vanessa into the world 18 months later and Alex would also end up a doctor, specialising in Infectious Diseases. When Alex was two, third child, Peter, arrived and they assumed at that point their family was complete. About seven years down the track following, their mom thought she was going through menopause but her symptoms were proven to be an unplanned pregnancy. So, when Vanessa was 12, Alex 10, and Peter 8, a new bundle of joy they named Jace was happily welcomed. He might have been unplanned, but he was never unwanted and as the baby of the family, he was doted on. With a military father and a traditional German mother, their upbringing was strict, but it meant they raised their four children with good manners, values, and respect. However, still typical boys, nonetheless. That was why it was so difficult when Vanessa went off the rails and nearly destroyed her life falling in with the wrong crowd. During this time, Jace failed to bond with his sister and instead became extremely close to his big brother, Alex.

They all did have very distinct and different personalities, however. Both Alex and Jace realised they were gay around similar ages, but Vanessa and Peter were both straight and Peter married young and gave his parents two lovely grandchildren. Alex was a hard-worker but he also partied hard and had a promiscuous sex life with a lot of casual sex and hook-ups, though trying to find something more committed that stuck. Vanessa fell in with the wrong crowd that nearly ended in disaster. Peter was the quiet, studious one who went on to become an accountant with a school teacher wife. Jace was more the chilled, relaxed, free-spirited kind of guy and liked playing with dolls or dressing up as a princess or a fairy, joining ballet class, and dreaming of being a cheerleader or a ballet dancer (spurred on by their cousin, Logan, who wanted to be a professional dancer). His effeminate nature was obvious from a young age, and his family never tried to stifle it. Even his strict military father embraced the fact he had two gay sons, and if anyone didn’t like it, they could fuck off (and with a threatened rifle up the ass… he was strict and also scarily protective of his family).

But when Jace was 9 with Vanessa already in Med School and Alex in his last year of high school and poised to follow her, things took a scary turn when Jace was hit by a car. The driver was high on drugs and had alcohol in her system, she didn’t stop at a pedestrian crossing near the school when Jace was crossing the road. He suffered multiple injuries, most of which eventually healed, but the brain injury was something that would come to impact on the rest of his life. It was impossible to tell what the long-term outcome would be for some time, but during his long stay in hospital where he missed over a year of school and ended up being homeschooled by his mother, he began to have these weird turns where he would seem to abruptly haze out on people, stare into space, seemingly catatonic. Doctors initially thought it was post-traumatic stress disorder, but Jace had no actual memory of the accident and he never would either.

It turned out that Jace had a form of epilepsy caused by the brain injury. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with Complex Partial Seizures which were unlike the general understanding of what a seizure is. He doesn’t convulse or shake, he just goes into a catatonic-like state, almost like sleep-walking. He is unconscious to his surroundings, and never remembers them once they happen. In the early stages, they were quite severe, and with Alex having a massive protective streak and soft spot for his little brother, he took a heavy blow seeing him so incapacitated.

After the accident, Jace had some learning difficulties and struggled with his schooling. He never managed to pass high school and had to give up the physical things he loved like ballet, and he never had a chance of being a cheerleader because he was homeschooled for the rest of his school days. It did, however, draw out quite a creative talent in him, and he would draw ink designs all over everything, or sketch beautiful patterns with a simple medium like coloured pencils. It was what ultimately helped him strengthen his brain after the injury, but he wasn’t ever destined for college. When he was 18, he moved out of home to go live with Alex in New York, just to give him more options of figuring out what he wanted to do and how that balanced with what he could do. For his 19th birthday, Alex shouted him his first tattoo, and it was there they met Joanne Sinclair who was extremely impressed with Jace’s original design. That was how he came to decide he wanted to be a tattoo artist.

He is now a fully qualified tattoo artist and works a few days a week with Jo at her own inking business. He found doing the job full time would exacerbate his epilepsy, even if it was controlled by medication, and it turned out the lighting in the parlour had a lot to do with it. He shortened his days and took a second job as a Design Assistant, working at Rian Ambrose’s label, Ambrosiere with her newest designer recruit, Austin Shaw. Joanne put him in touch with Rian when she saw that his illustrators gift for unique and often unusual patterns and illustrations could well be used elsewhere. Mostly, he just assists Rian with constructing her designs or being a sounding board for potential creations. But he also designs bespoke fabrics specifically to fit the designs. It’s a very calming job for him and it has kept his epilepsy the most controlled it has been for years.

Jace is mostly a friendly guy, but he definitely had an inner bitch. He’s always well-groomed and presents himself well, with a pretty keen fetish for ink and leather. He loves wearing leather, he loves other people wearing it, especially hot guys in leather pants, and he loves tattoos. He is single for a long time, only ever managing to go on three dates, all of whom were freaked out by his brain injury and epilepsy once he revealed it to them, never being able to conceal it because it made him feel like he was lying. It was a horrible blow for his ego and made him feel like he would never be loved. Alex protected him and took care of him, and they were definitely each other's best friend. Unlike Alex, Jace couldn't trawl gay bars for hook-ups because the strobe lights can trigger his condition. He was more of a coffee shop, park, and library kind of guy, if only for the people-watching and enjoyment of the New York culture. He didn't really know ‘what’ he was, but though at least knowing ‘who’ he is is a good start. He has made some close friends in New York who don’t judge his condition and he knows he couldn’t live without his big brother around to take care of him.

Eventually, at the hospital Neurology Department one day waiting for a check-up a appointment, Jace met Southern nurse, Jesse Hartley, who also had epilepsy, though a different form. They struck it off immediately with Jesse understanding exactly what struggles Jace faced being epileptic. Jesse was kind, sweet and beautiful, and eventually, he and Jace would end up each other's soul mates and married.

Jace is an Original Character for the musebox/PSL,
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Jace is an Original Character with no fandom affiliation. For RP purposes only. His PB is Nick Roux, who belongs to himself.

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